STUDIO A is a high-end mixing room based around an SSL 4000 G+ linked to a warm live room surrounded by wooden slats. You will also find an impressive collection of vintage synthesizers as well as modern ones. We have all classic outboards and all plugins you will need.

The acoustics of both the live room and the mixing room have been perfectly designed and the ATC SCM 300 are the best sounding speakers we could dream about for this space. Even the air con is absolutely silent to allow the perfect conditions for recording.

This studio has been designed for mixing, writing and recording purposes. It is the perfect studio for writing sessions, mixing albums and also rehearsals for busy artists who would like to record and rehearse in the same place. We have designed a high-end PA system in the walls behind the acoustic fabric to provide the best sound while keeping the good vibe.

Entrance Mixing Room Side View Mixing Room Outboards Studio A Video Projector Studio A Between Rooms
Ludwig 1965 Drum Kit Live Room From View Live Room Side View SSL Channels SSL Monitoring Section
Microphones Yamaha CS-60 Yamaha U1H Korg Trident
Moog Minimoog Voyager Tube-Tech Various compressors Chorus Echo SRE-555 Apogee Symphony


SSL 4000 G+ 48 tracks Total recall


Focal SM9
Yamaha NS-10M
Headphones Ultrasone Pro 900
3 x Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 ohms


Mac Pro 12 cores x 3,46Ghz Mid-2012 64 Go SSD
Apogee Symphony MKII 32 x 32
Pro Tools HD 12 / Ableton / Logic Pro
Universal Audio UAD-2 Octo Core PCIe card
SSL 2+ USB Audio Interface
Hear Back System 8 channels


Manley Massive passive
Urei 1178
Universal Audio 2-1176
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM70
Tube-tech PE 1C
2 x Tube-tech CL1A
2 x Distressor
Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555
2 x DBX 161


Piano Yamaha U1H
Moog Minimoog Voyager

Drum kit Ludwig Super Classic 1961
Snare Ludwig SupraPhonic 400 Snare Drum 1965
Zildjian Hat New Beats 14"
Sabian AAX 22" Omni Ride

Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Telecaster
Acoustic Guitar Martin DX1RAE
Guitar Amp Fender Blues deluxe 1990
Bass Amp Ampeg SVT 3 Pro
Bass Cabinet Ampeg PR-410 HLF
Pedals (Eventide, Digitech)


Neumann U87
AKG D12 1970
Electro-Voice RE20
Solomon Mic
2 x AKG C451-EB 1982
3 x Sennheiser MD-421 Gold edition 1970
4 x Shure SM58
4 x Shure SM57
4 x Shure Beta 57
2 x Shure Unidyne III 1960

95" 16:10 screen with WXGA laser projector Optoma ZW310Ste
50" Samsung UHD 4K TV


In-Wall Custom made 1200W speakers
QSC PLX1804 Amp
Midas MR18 Mixer with ipad controller
2 x Radial JDI
3 x BSS AR-133